Sterling has successfully performed multiple sanitary process system installation services.

Our vast experience allows us to carryout complete system installation, from decommission and demo through start-up and validation. We know how to apply the requirements of various regulatory agencies – 3A and PMO Sanitary Standards, USDA, ASME pressure piping codes, OSHA and other regulating agencies. Sterling will work with your team to create solutions addressing your project intricacies, coordinating and managing other sub-contractors to insure an on-time project completion. Most importantly, our team will comply with your GMP and safety requirements.

field equipmenT

Sterling PE Installation

Vehicle and Specialty equipment

A variety of vehicles and specialty equipment are available to field crews including:

    1. Gang boxes with an array of tools and consumables, from cutting to polishing
    2. Generator-welders, inverter welders and orbital welders
    3. Inventory cabinets pre-staged with sizes and materials relevant to the scope of work
    4. Orbital tube and pipe saws, magnetic base drills, core drills and plasma cutters
    5. Rigging equipment and tools
    6. Safety and PPE specific to site conditions
Tablet PCs

Tablet PCs allow our field crews to remain connected with support staff in the office while they are deployed, sending sketches, drawing mark-ups, photos and videos as needed to ensure the project meets and exceeds all expectations.

Citrix xenapp

Citrix XenApp is an on-demand virtualized applications and desktop solution that allows users to work from any internet connected device as if they are in the office, accessing files and software seamlessly.

Global Shop solutions erp

Global Shop Solutions ERP system and mobile integrations allows our installation teams to view real time data on the status of projects and the availability of inventory at either our Ohio or Florida warehouses.


Our field foremen and welder/fitters have diverse experience in a variety of industries. They use this knowledge to accurately and efficiently tackle the unique tasks of each project. Our field services mentality is to evaluate and solve installation complexities with economical, efficient and accurate integration.

Installation Experience

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