Manufactured products

Over the years, Sterling has fabricated a variety of custom components for our customers.

Working off of our long history, of fabricating custom components, we have compiled families of product lines suitable for a variety of applications and industries. These items offer quick turnaround at competitive prices, and still allow for specific customizations as requested.

Keep an eye on our products as we continue to add new items and expand upon our existing offerings.

bollard covers

With the installation of a stainless steel bollard cover, form and function meet to improve the look and cleanliness of standard safety bollard.


From belt to screw, roller to driven, straight to spiral and anything in between Sterling can design the unique conveyor solution for your project.

counter tops, tables, sinks

A great compliment to any facilities GMP, Sterling’s library of stainless steel countertops, tables and sinks can be tailored to your space.

Eductor Tee

Eductor tees

Sterling’s Eductor line is made of polished 316 Stainless Steel and was designed to help facilitate the inline introduction of a second material to your process.


flow panels

Product Hook-up Stations (PHS) or Product Transfer Stations (PTS) from small to large can be configured to meet your project requirements for alloy, finish, end connection, automation and jumper layout.


Utility stations

Allowing users quick and clean access to point-of-use connections for air, water and cleaning solutions these stations are beneficial addition to any process area and are sold complete and ready to integrate to your facility.


jacketed tubes

When your product requires the temperature to be maintained or changed as it runs through the facility, jacketed tube is an effective way of accomplishing that task. Sterling can provide jacketed tubing, fittings and pump casings in a range of alloys and sizes.

platforms, stairs, railings

Sterling has many unique handrail systems and a variety of distinctive, clean designs to make washing easy. We can provide any style from a conveyor crossover to an operator’s platform with multiple levels. We fabricate all stainless steel platforms, FRP platforms or a combination of both to match your requirements.

sweep elbows

Great for air conveying or pigging applicable systems, our 3A approved sweep elbows are stocked in 316L and available in a wide range of sizes, finishes and end connections.


Take Down Spool

take down spools

Tri-Clamp Take Down Spools are a great option for process applications where complete visual inspection of lines are required. They are available in 10 or 20 foot lengths, 304SS or 316SS alloy, and straight or with a 90 degree elbow.



From 5 to 2,500 gallons, round to square, vertical to horizontal, agitated to heated, Sterling has built hundreds of sanitary tanks over the years.

Tee Strainer

Tee Strainers

Our Tee Strainer line was developed to protect your process systems from foreign material or large particles entering and damaging expensive equipment.



slot drainS

Our stainless steel slot drains are designed for easy clean up in wash-down environments, require no grating and be configured in any length up to 40 feet.



Utilizing low-friction, large diameter casters these carts allow for easy movement of more than 1000lbs and can be configured to suite your application.


weigh scales & ramps

Ideal for measuring the weight of ingredients, Sterling’s easy to clean and slip-resistant weigh scales and ramps can be configured to suit your production needs.

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